Bushel and peck wildflowers
“You will find our style of arrangement is filled with whimsy, wonder, and embodies the true beauty of each flower, branch, or leave that is displayed with in it.”
— Jared and Lindsay

We are Jared and Lindsay Storm, the owners and operators of Bushel and Peck Wildflowers. We began to dabble in gardening several years ago when a harsh winter left us longing to bring the outdoors in. We found the perfect cottage with almost an acre and a greenhouse, which couldn't be more perfect for our little flower farm.

What makes our flowers different?
We begin at home. Everything is grown from seed during the frosty depths of winter from the warm confines of our cottage where we begin cultivating a "tender loving care process with our plants" from the very beginning.  Our seeds are organically grown, with no chemicals or pesticides used. We believe nature is on our side when it comes to pests and also pollination.  

Bees are our friends, so we plant certain varieties that bees and butterflies love, that will encourage them to love on our garden as well.  When you avoid the use of pesticides, any pests that damage plants are eventually taken care of by larger pests (such as toads or birds) that end up taking care of them for us without harming the plants or the environment. When that doesn't work quickly enough, we use things such as neem or peppermint oil to deter pests, in a safe, and responsible manner.  
All of our flowers are grown using organic practices from our home on a 3/4 acre property, right here in Decatur. Your bouquet is a representation of our passion for growing and sharing locally grown flowers. We begin growing each plant indoors in mid-winter, nurturing them with light, water, and food, and then transplanting them into larger pots as they grow. Once they are in the ground and begin blooming, we continue that process of nurturing, by using very precise practices for organic weed and pest control. Each flower is meticulously cut and conditioned so that you receive the highest quality and freshest bouquet possible. By purchasing our flowers, you are helping support a small business, the growing movement of using local blooms, and helping to make a difference in preserving our environment.

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“When we first decided to try our hand at selling our flowers, we had no idea just how much love would come from it.”
— Jared and Lindsay